December 2018 Newsletter

Hard Work Pays Off!

The 2018 Election is definitely one for the record books. With hard-work, dedication and determination, LD17 has elected its first ever Democrat to the Arizona House and LD17’s first ever WOMAN in the Legislature!!! Congratulations to Rep.-elect Jennifer Pawlik for her first-place finish for the Arizona House of Representatives.

Jennifer collected 46,874 votes (354 votes over her second-place opponent). We are so proud of Jennifer and her success. She will do a fantastic job representing the LD17 constituents on both the Education and Judiciary committees. We also owe a great deal of thanks and support to LD17’s own Steve Weichert. While he came up short (by only 1,744 votes) – he ran a strong race and helped move our district forward. In fact, LD17 was key in helping Kyrsten Sinema win the U.S. Senate seat – by taking 28 of 40 precincts to become the first woman to represent Arizona in the Senate. In addition, Sen.-elect Sinema becomes the first bisexual to be elected to the U.S. Senate.

Other election results of which LD17 should be proud include:
  • The election of Greg Stanton for Congressional District 9 (winning all 13 of his precincts)
  • The election of Katie Hobbs as the Arizona Secretary of State (winning 26 LD17 precincts)
  • The election of Kathy Hoffman as the Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction (winning 28 of LD17 precincts)
  • The election of Sandra Kennedy to the Arizona Corporation Commission (winning 22 of LD17 precincts)
  • The election of Lindsay Love to the Chandler Unified School District Board
These wins show that LD17 Democrats – when we work together, can really have an impact at every level – locally, statewide and nationally! On behalf of the LD17 Democrats – thank you for all you did to help make these wins possible. Your willingness to donate your time, speak to others in the community and provide financial support, made this a very successful election cycle.
To celebrate, we hope you will join us at our Holiday Event this Tuesday, Dec. 4 at West Alley BBQ in Downtown Chandler (111 W. Boston St.). The event starts at 6:30 p.m. and the district will provide appetizers. You are welcome to order dinner (the food is great – you’ll want to enjoy)!!
Our LD17 Elections
Last month we also held our Reorganization Meeting and the following individuals were elected to a two-year term for LD17:
  • Jacob Schmitt – Chair
  • Carol Maas – 1st Vice Chair
  • Julie Reid – 2nd Vice Chair
  • Deborah Matayabas – Secretary
  • Ajlan Kurdoglu – Treasurer
  • Clifton Smith – Sergeant at Arms
  • Nicolas Garcia – Young Democrat Representative
  • Mary & Weldon Knape – Sun Lakes Representatives
I would like to thank the preceding board members for their time and commitment to the LD17 Democrats – Andrew Danilewicz (former 2nd Vice Chair), Kathie Neffenger (former Secretary), Zak Ghali (former Young Democrat Rep), and Tom Amrhein (former Sun Lakes Rep). THANK YOU!!!
In addition, the following individuals were elected to represent the LD17 Democrats at the Arizona Democratic State Committee (Not all are pictured):
Nelson “Craig” Campbell; Salauddin Choudhury; Monroe Copeland; Paula Feely; Richard Feely; Nicolas Garcia; Zak Ghali; Thomas Griffith; Richard Jones; Janet Kiefer; Mary Knape; Ajlan Kurdoglu;  Penni Lawson; Carol Maas; Deborah Matayabas; James “Chris” Matayabas; Suzanne McCormick; Julie Reid; Jacob Schmitt; Shaikh Shams; Clifton Smith; Roy Tatem, Jr.; Howard Ward; and Steven Weichert.
As you can see, even though the election is over, pieces are starting to fall into place as we prepare for the next election cycle. Enjoy your holiday season and rest up – because starting in January we will continue the momentum so we can hold onto our wins and add even more blue to LD17!!!
Happy Holidays to you and your family!
Sincerely –
Jacob Schmitt
Chair, LD17 Democrats
*  *  *

Calendar of Events

Holiday Event, Tuesday, Dec. 4 at West Alley BBQ in Downtown Chandler (111 W. Boston St.). The event starts at 6:30 p.m. and appetizers will be provided by the district.

Sun Lakes Dems:  
Meetings begins at 7 p.m. on the second Monday of each month at the Sun Lakes Country Club (25601 E. Sun Lakes Blvd. N.), Navajo Room. Next meeting is Dec. 10 and will be a Holiday Event. 

Desserts will be served.
The Sun Lakes Democratic Club collects non-perishable food items for Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank. Please bring your tax-deductible contributions to the Drop Off Area in the west parking lot from 6:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Ask for a receipt. 
In November, 33 pounds of food and $30 in cash were received. The yearly totals, so far, are 942.50 pounds of food and $468 in cash.
We appreciate all you do.  
Mark Your Calendar
  • The Maricopa County Democratic Party will hold its Reorganization Meeting on Saturday, Dec. 8 at Central High School, 4525 N Central Ave., Phoenix. Registration is from 11:45am – 1:45pm; meeting is from 2pm – 4:30pm. We will elect officers and review bylaws. Only elected PCs are eligible to run for office and vote. To vote, PCs must be registered before the 1:45pm deadline. To attend, please register here.
  • Due to the Jan. 1 holiday, the LD17 Dems will meet on Tuesday, Jan. 8.
  • The Sun Lakes Meeting will be held on Monday, Jan. 14.

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