January 2019 Newsletter

Restarting the Clock

Welcome to 2019, a year in which Democrats in Arizona will influence policies and make a positive difference for all of us. Thanks to our groundwork over the last two years, some outstanding Democrats have been elected. And I am really looking forward to our newly elected officials taking the helm and working to implement the Democratic values we all fought so hard for this past election cycle.   

The next step is ensuring that we keep ourselves and our message visible – and to do that, we have to remain involved.  

Here are some ways you can remain involved this month:

1 – As of this writing, Arizona Legislature members have already dropped 48 bills ahead of the opening day session on Monday, Jan.14. (Typically, more than 1,000 bills are introduced each session.) To stay informed on these bills and share your thoughts with legislators, be sure to sign up for Request to Speak (RTS). The comments you share help your representatives make informed decisions when voting.  To use RTS, you have to create an account – however, it must be done at the Legislature. Once created, you can log in from anywhere to track and respond to all of the bills being debated this session. If you can’t make it to the Capitol, the Arizona Advocacy Network will assist by entering your information there. We’ll have the Network’s Morgan Dick at our January meeting to discuss this process. In the meantime, here’s more info.

LD17 Dems Chairman Jacob Schmitt with our newly elected Rep. Jennifer Pawlik and Rep. Mitzi Epstein, re-elected from LD18. 

2 – The Trump Administration has been dropping families seeking asylum off at churches in Phoenix without any resources or support. In partnership with the Maricopa County Democratic Party, groups are  collecting items to support these families. They are in need of warm, clean clothing, shoes, socks, underwear, baby diapers and wipes, feminine hygiene products, blankets, and backpacks. You can drop any items off at the MCDP offices, 2914 N. Central Ave., Phoenix.

A Phoenix church accepts asylum seekers (from ABC 15)

3 – For the third consecutive year, the LD 17 Democrats will be marching in the East Valley Martin Luther King, Jr., Day Parade in Mesa. The event is Monday, Jan. 21, from 10 a.m. until the parade ends. More information will be shared as we get the final details; however, if you are interested in participating, please contact First Vice Chair Carol Maas at: camaas@aol.com. We would love to have a great turnout for this event. Rep. Pawlik will be joining us in the parade!

4 – And finally, I encourage you to become a Precinct Committeeperson – or PC, the foundation of the Democratic Party. As representatives of their local precincts, PCs ensure that the perspectives and issues of their neighbors are being addressed. Elections for PCs are over, but if you are interested, you can now be appointed. This is the best entryway for involvement in the Democratic Party. By becoming a PC, you get:

  • Access to more information about issues and policy than is found in the mainstream media
  • Insight into what is really going on inside the Party and the government
  • Opportunities to hear and meet your elected officials and candidates on a personal basis
  • The chance to be heard more effectively than if you are a registered voter
  • Participation in the decision-making process in the Party
  • To belong to a social network at the precinct, LD, county and state levels with people who share your values and goals
  • To meet new, like-minded friends in your neighborhood – and take an active role
  • Experience that prepares you for greater responsibility within the Party in the future

For more information on becoming a PC – feel free to contact me. I hope you’ll join us!
Wishing you a safe and prosperous 2019!
Sincerely -Jacob Schmitt
Chair, LD 17 Democrats

Calendar of Events

  • The Arizona Democratic Party will host its Reorganization and Regularly Scheduled Meeting on Saturday, Jan. 26, at Carl Hayden High School, 3333 W. Roosevelt, Phoenix, 85009. Registration is from 8:45 am to 1pm, Caucus Meetings are from 9am to noon, and the Plenary Session begins at 1pm. Only elected State Committee Members can vote – but anyone can attend.

LD17: Meetings begin at 7 p.m. the first Tuesday of each month. (Doors open at 6:30 p.m.) The meeting is held at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 769 Union Hall, 220 N. William Dillard Dr., Gilbert  85233. Next meeting is Jan. 8.
Speakers: Az Rep. Jennifer Pawlik, LD 17; Az Rep. Mitzi Epstein, LD18; and Morgan Dick, Arizona Advocacy Network

Sun Lakes Dems:   Meetings begins at 7 p.m. on the second Monday of each month at the Sun Lakes Country Club (25601 E. Sun Lakes Blvd. N.), Navajo Room. Next meeting is Jan. 14.Speakers: Az Rep. Jennifer Pawlik, LD 17; Morgan Dick, Arizona Advocacy Network; and Heather Macre, elected Director, Board of the Central Arizona Water Conservation District

The Sun Lakes Democratic Club collects non-perishable food items for Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank. Please bring your tax-deductible contributions to the Drop Off Area in the west parking lot from 6:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Ask for a receipt. In November, 33 pounds of food and $30 in cash were received. The yearly totals, so far, are 942.50 pounds of food and $468 in cash. We appreciate all you do.  .Mark

Your Calendar

  • LD 17 Dems will meet on Tuesday, Feb. 5. 
  • The Sun Lakes Meeting will be held on Monday, Feb. 11. 

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