Candidate Signs FAQ

We are frequently contacted about how and where people can get candidate campaign signs. Candidates for the Arizona Legislature and Maricopa County offices have provided the LD 17 office with signs, on a first-come, first-served basis. The signs we have available vary based on availability, please contact us to inquire […]

Tell Gilbert and Chandler to Mask Up

If you live in Gilbert or Chandler, or know someone who does, we need you to email the mayor and council. Let them know that you support mandatory masks for the safety of Arizonans.Thursday at 4:00 PM in Chandler, the mayor and council will discuss requiring masks in public.Email Chandler […]

From Anguish to Action

Many of you have expressed your grief, solidarity, and a desire to take action to help address the seemingly intractable issue of racial injustice in our nation. If you are wondering what you can do, there are excellent resources on the Obama Foundation: Locally, you can help elect leaders who align […]

Sign Candidate Petitions

The month of June will be busy for us. We are in a prime location to assist with getting petition signatures for candidates and initiatives who cannot use E-Qual. Petitions are due in the first week of July. We will also be distributing campaign signs and candidate material. We will […]