Arizona Legislative District boundaries are created by the Independent Redistricting Commission every ten years following the census. The current Legislative District (LD) 17 boundaries were drawn in 2011 and will be redrawn in 2021. The number of representatives are determined by the number of residents as reported in the U.S. Census. LD 17 spans Congressional Districts (CD) 5 and 9, and lies within Maricopa County.

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The residents of Legislative District 17 are represented by the Councils of the City of Chandler, the Town of Gilbert, and the community of Sun Lakes. The leadership of these communities are voted on by the residents of LD 17.

School Districts

Legislative District 17 is served by the Chandler, Gilbert, and Mesa Unified School Districts. Each school has a governing board, with elected representatives who help shape the vision, mission, and policies of the district.